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The science site for Baby Boomers

About the Blog


“In addition to stories about scientific discoveries new and old, The Tenacious Telomere will include stories about natural wonders and scientific oddities, profiles of scientists conducting unusual research and regular posts on the science of aging.”


What kind of a blog is the Tenacious Telomere?

The Tenacious Telomere will focus on news, features, multimedia pieces and other content covering science topics–new and old. It will include a regular “Ask a Scientist” feature where an interesting question from a reader will be answered by the blog author. The blog will have a journalistic approach to science news, but will also include posts with a less formal, more personal style. Comments are invited.

Why is it called “The Tenacious Telomere?”

Our linear chromosomes contain the DNA that makes up our genes. At each end of a linear chromosome is a protective cap made up of repetitive DNA sequences. These protective caps, called telomeres, help prevent the chromosomes from degrading. As we age, however, our telomeres shrink, making our chromosomes more vulnerable. For my PhD work I studied telomere biology. I like to think of my telomeres as pretty tenacious bits of DNA.

In a later blog post, I’ll explain more about telomeres and their importance.