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Say it ain’t so, SciLogs!

SciLogs is coming to an end? How can this be? Science journalism and its sister, science blogging, are growing, aren’t they?

SciView Cover

SkyView Cover Credit: Designed by Alicia Vega, photograph by Elizabeth Eaton.

Is science journalism on the decline?

I hope not, as for the last 11 months, I’ve been teaching students about science journalism and encouraging them to become a part of it all. Take a look at a few of their stories at Arizona Illustrated, a feature of Arizona Public Media.

Teaching and research cut into my ability to blog, but I was just contemplating some new stories – an update on Tucson’s transplanted desert bighorn sheep, an article on the women of the Science Service [an organization — founded in 1921 — dedicated to the promotion of science] and an article revisiting C.P. Snow’s The Two Cultures.

Now we’re losing SciLogs.

By September of this year, I’ll be migrating my blog to my original blog site, The Fourth HelixIn the meantime, I will write a few last pieces.

Thank you Dr Paige Jarreau for being a wonderfully supportive network manager and all around great human being! Thank you SciLogs for letting me be a part of it all.