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Hello again, hello!

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A Writer

Hello Readers and SciLogs colleagues,

I miss you!

I was on a semester-long hiatus while I adjusted to my new position as an assistant professor at the University of Arizona. There was a lot to learn (I still have a lot to learn).

In September of 2015, I also put on a workshop/conference funded by the National Association of Science Writers.

With Conviction: Reporting On Science in the Courtroom,” took up quite a bit of time and energy.

The workshop, about the use and abuse of junk science in our criminal justice system, brought together a nationally-known forensic scientist, a number of attorneys who practice criminal law (both prosecutors and defense attorneys) as well as journalists and exonerees.

One of the most interesting speaker was a former death row inmate, since fully exonerated of his crime. His conviction was based in part on the now-discredited bite mark evidence. I’ll post about the workshop soon, and link to our website.

In any event, thanks for your patience with my hiatus. I’m back, and look forward to sharing many new posts with you in the near future.

The Tenacious Telomere