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My Conversation With Professor “X” — A STEM Story

Wendell Pepperdine

Credit: courtesy of the Lane Community College Archives Wendell Pepperdine

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Just as I Remembered Him!

I just got off of the phone with Dr. Pepperdine. We had a delightful conversation about organic chemistry, his teaching philosophy and what he did after he retired.

He told me that recently his son googled the name “Wendell Pepperdine” and found my first blog post, so Dr. Pepperdine wasn’t entirely surprised by my phone call.

(I’m breaking with journalistic tradition here, because I feel I must continue to call my professor “Dr. Pepperdine.” To do otherwise, seems wrong.)

When Dr. Pepperdine retired, he couldn’t stop teaching — being an educator was too much a part of his soul.

“When you retire, cold turkey is not good if teaching is who you are,” he said.

So, he tutored students in chemistry — for free — sometimes spending as much as four hours a session with students who wanted to learn, but couldn’t afford to pay.

I’ll leave off here. Dr. Pepperdine is a modest man, who doesn’t like to be in the spotlight. But for many of his former students, I’m sure Dr. Pepperdine will always be center stage in their hearts.

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